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Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Please request for information about techniques, tools and materials that you would like to see in this blog.


David Leask


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Argent Imagination is going mobil.

I'm having growing pains. This is really brutal on an old brain, the most difficult and mind bending thing I’ve ever attempted. This year I’m going back to doing business old school; I’m taking my je


This blog is to help you to be creative and to be informative to you that are just curious. It can also help you to purchase better quality jewelry. Please purchase handmade jewelry from artisans in

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I am obsessed/addicted to rock hounding. I have been my whole life. I am always looking to broaden my knowledge. Especially knowledge about rocks.

my dream is to be a gemologist. I wanna find the stone, find silver and gold, and make jewelry.

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