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My passion in life is art.


My father loved geology and he exposed me to it at a young age. I soon became an avid rock collector.  I loved going to as many rock and gem shows that I could get him to take me to.  I started cutting cabochons with my dad when I was 16.  


I took a jewelry class in high school and started making jewelry. I pursued the arts in college and I took graphic arts, drawing, ceramics, sculpting, wood shop, welding, foundry and machine shop.


When I was 21,  I started my first jewelry business, D&L Casting. I made mainly gold jewelry with faceted stones.  I've been an artist for more than 50 years, but today I primarily make sterling silver jewelry. 


Today I create hand crafted jewelry in sterling silver. I design and fabricate rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets, and cut cabochons.

I love the process, the beautiful stones as well as the challenge to make the jewelry. I follow more than 2,000 silversmiths trying to learn something new every day. my desire is to make beautiful, quality jewelry at a competitive price.

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