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Making cast reproductions of my component designs.

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

A cast band is superior to the fabricated version because it doesn’t have any solder joints that show when making a ring. My components will give you the ability to make unique jewelry specific to your brand. My ring bands can cut the time in half of what it takes to make a ring. This makes it possible to make more jewelry that will sell for more money.

The design:

I hand sketch, use computer graphic design and designs using 2D and 3D CADD.

I have a separate studio for doing design and fabrication of jewelry.


I fabricate designs in silver, copper and brass. I carve designs in wax and I sculpt in different types of clays and waxes. I carve in plastics and metals like lead, brass and aluminum.

The Molds:

I make many types of a molds to reproduce the master models in wax. A few types of molds are are two piece silicone molds for wax injection and half, flat molds to paint or melt wax into. Making a mold for wax injection is expensive; the added cost of the materials to make the mold exceeds the cost that it takes to make the original design .


I reproduce components by a technique called lost wax casting. This requires skills and equipment and a dedicated shop for the casting process. The cast reproductions also require more materials, tools, specialty equipment and power to make. It’s a big investment in time and materials. The the cost for casting the piece is also expensive. Recovering my expenses are recovered after about the tenth piece.

I sell the ring bands in a strip that needs to be trimmed and rolled to make your required size. I’ve trimmed and rolled them into bands for customers. It’s a $5.00 added fee for the extra labor. I detail and polish every item before shipping them.

Requests for custom ring band designs are welcome.

My prices and shipping are competitive with other suppliers. Unlike them, all my products are made in the USA by me.

For more information about components go to Instagram @aij.925parts

Please contact me for information.

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