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Point Of Sale using your Cell Phone

The Point-Of-Sale or POS system that I use is the Zettel App it’s a PayPal service. I use PayPal for every phase of my business, from shipping, Inventory control, sales tax, POS Bluetooth card reader, PayPal payments, Venmo and invoicing. You can find the Zettel App in the App store.

I can now print barcodes on price tags and scan them with my iPhone camera.

When I scan the price tag it loads the item into the shopping cart. I click on the cart icon. The customer puts their credit card into the card reader and signs on my phone. When the card reader shows approved, my Bluetooth printer prints the receipt with all my business information.

The information is held in an Excel spreadsheet that’s exported from the Zettel cloud-based inventory software. The Zettel inventory system is setup using your PC. The information is cloud based and is accessible using your cellphone.

The barcode I set up uses 6 numbers this is called the 2of 5 barcode, the first four numbers are used to identify my 20 categories. My inventory is listed uses an alpha numeric code to identify the categories. MR=Men Ring, WR=Women Ring, BR=Bracelet, PN=Pendant, ES=Earring Stud, EW=Earring Wire, EH=Earring Hoop, etc... The numeric part is the position sequence that the letters are in the alphabet.

A=1, B=2, C=3, N=14, R=18, W=23…etc...

The last two numbers in the code are used for identification of the individual items. This allows me to have 1-99 items in each category. If you’re interested, I can provide more information.

Equipment used with my iPhone 11.

2" Portable Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer for POS Receipts. I use the Star SM-L200-UB40

The Star printer can be purchased on Amazon for under $300.00

Bluetooth credit card reader. I use the Zettle Reader 2 by PayPal. When you sign up for Zettel you get the reader for $30.

Equipment used with my PC.

I’m using the Phomemo Model 220 multifunctional portable blue tooth label printer with my PC and iPhone 11 to print my jewelry tags. This model is the best printer I’ve found for this application. I print labels with my Logo, price, inventory numbers and Barcodes. You can find this Bluetooth printer on Amazon the price is about $90.00.

I use the IDPRT SP410 Thermal Label Printer with my PC to print my shipping labels. You can find it on Amazon for about $150.00 My shipping service is provided by Ship Station and is provided through my PayPal account.

To scan barcodes using my PC. I use a Bluetooth / USB Bar Code Scanner by NETUM, Model NT12288C. You can find it on Amazon for about $32.00

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