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Sterling Silver pendant with abeautiful heart shaped purple Russian Charoite cabochon.

Charoite was decoverd in 1978 and was named after the Chara River. Its found only in the Sakha Republic, Siberia Russia. This is a verry uncommon and beautiful stone.

Silver pendant with Charoite

SKU: PN161451
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  • Clean your jewelry with dish washing detergent and warm water to remove body oil dirt, hand lotion and makeup, you can use an old soft tooth brush to get into low spots. Do not scrub so hard that it removers the patina. Rinse in warm water set on a paper towel to dry. After your jewelry is dry use the Sunshine polishing cloth to make your jewelry shine. The Sunshine cloth is the best quality polishing cloth available to keep your jewelry beautiful. You can find it listed for sale in my store.  To find it go to the shop menu, Shop / Polishing Cloth.

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