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Learning to Solder

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

I've been asked many times how to solder something. People always want a easy answer. I’m always reluctant to tell them what they expect or want to hear because it’s not that easy.

I can tell you but do you have the desire and determination to take what is required to learn.

Nothing is easy if you don’t have the tools or the skills. The biggest discouragement is trying to make something and having a failure. Enjoy the journey without thinking about the destination. Be detail oriented and enjoy the challenge. If you can’t do this, making jewelry may not be for you.

Things you will need to be successful are:

Learn about the tools needed and the property’s of the materials you will be working with.

Take notes about the skills needed to make something. You need to control everything to be successful. Practice before you try to make something. Use copper to practice, it’s so much cheaper than silver.

Practice each task to develop the skills required. You need to practice and fail and fail again. If your not making mistakes your not learning. Don’t do the task using the exact same method, try it different ways.

Always double check to make sure you are prepared to start. Things you should do before you start are: Clean and prep everything. Wash your hands so you won’t re-contaminate the parts. Make sure the pieces have good contact. Always check your pickle, rinse water and flux to make sure it’s not contaminated. Take the time to think of different ways that you can hold the parts to be soldered.

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