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Part 2: Goals and Priorities

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Part 2: Goals and Priorities

Dailey Priorities:

To start, make a list of the things that you want to complete today. Then make a new priority list for tomorrow at the end of your workday. Starting your day, this will help keep you on track and can help to free your mind to become more productive and creative. You will always have obstacles that will change your priorities. This method will help you stay on track and remove some of the frustration and stress. One of the things I use is a desk pad calendar to keep track of projects. A great option is an 8” x 11-1/2” organizer. You may need something with more space for the information needed. You may only need a Post It Note to start your day.

Goals for Deadlines

Think of this as your goal post to meet the deadline for your project.

What do you want to accomplish?

One of the most important habits to develop that will help you be more productive is to make a list of priorities of things that you need to make.

Organize the list in the order of most importance.


Make a list of priorities of things you would like to make.

Techniques and operations:

What are the skills needed to know to do the tasks required?

Do some test operations to learn the techniques required.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, learn by using scrap material or copper sheet and wire.

Take notes and don’t be afraid to ask others for information.

Make sure you’re up for the task.

Materials and supplies:

Make a list of materials Required for the project.

If you don’t have them in stock what is the time it takes to get the materials?

Tools needed:

Make a list of tools required. What’s the estimated time and cost to get the tools you need?

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