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Part 4: Interpretation and Your Reality

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Part 4: Interpretation Your Reality

This will help you relate to customers and venders.

This can change your perception of yourself and change your perspective of the world

Hopefully it can also help you have and an insight and an outside perspective of yourself.

You are unique, understanding this can expand your creative mind.

It will take practice, spend some time before falling to sleep to reflect on your day and yourself. I find it’s this time that we are truly alone and when insight comes to us. This can even make your dreams productive by solving problems as you sleep. Sleep is the time when your brain is trying to put the days information in order.

This is something you probably have never been told but you know to be true.

This will you help you change how you perceive yourself. This will also change how you perceive the world around you and how you fit in. Remember, you are a unique individual. Your physical being is the smallest part of what you are. Your spiritual and intellectual being is the most important part that makes you different. Everything you are aware of is collected through your five senses: Sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste. You don’t perceive anything the same way that others do. Your senses are unique to you. What you know isn’t the world’s reality. Your reality is your brain’s interpretation that creates your reality. Every human has their own reality. Your reality is prejudiced by your interpretation of your experiences, pleasurable or unpleasurable. Every live form is prejudice. The act of prejudice is tending to judge learned or preconceived ideas, It’s a survival instinct. Your conclusions of your perceptions affect everything you do and change your reality. This changes how you relate to everything and everyone.

Example: Who do feel most comfortable around, what are your favorite colors, what are your favorite foods, what are your phobias. We are all uncomfortable with something we are not familiar with. The differences between people’s perceptions are extreme. The more we understand why, the easier it becomes to accept ourselves as we are and to relate and appreciate everyone as valuable individuals.

Many artists are what we might describe as different or on the fringe, eccentric, or even tormented but the majority are mainstream. No matter what they are it’s the differences in their realities that give us such spectacular art and jewelry.

Understanding this will help open our minds to a much richer world of art and the artists’ creative minds and how important they are to all of us.

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