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Inspiration Verses Motivation

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

The Desire to Become More Productive.


This is to address a question I’ve been asked many times. All artists have problem with motivation and dry spells of creativity. All of us tend to be in the middle of a project and find ourselves being distracted by many things. We sometimes find it hard to get back on track to complete projects. We often have too many irons in the fire and need to set new priorities.

The subject of this blog is to give you my personal insights about how I learned to solve the problems. From a young age I often found myself inspired but not knowing how to start; That’s where great ideas die. Do you find yourself wanting to do something or make something, but can’t find the inspiration or knowing how to start?

The method to overcome this dilemma isn’t obvious. I understood concept that I needed to study and make a list of things. I didn’t really learn the methods until I talked to and observed how others did it. We need to learn from examples of others; they’ve been where you are today. It doesn’t matter what problems you’re trying to solve; The methods used are the same. Solving problems should be taught to children in our public schools because everyone needs to solve problems in their lives.

This blog will be a series of related subjects about methods to help you learn how to organize the way you approach your ability to be more creative and productive.

Part 1: Identification and Methodology

Identify the project:


Part 2: Goals and Priorities

Daily Priorities:

Goals for Deadlines:


Techniques and operations:

Materials and supplies:

Tools needed:

Part 3: Customer Information:

Keeping track of customers

Potential customers

Part 4: Interpretation Your Reality

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